Coil Defender stops growth of mould and bacteria in HVAC systems.

Coil Defender Treatmeants

COIL DEFENDER Coil Treatment

COIL DEFENDER Coil Treatment is the first antimicrobial treatment specially designed for application on the heat exchange surfaces and metal components of air conditioning systems. The simple application of a thin barrier stops colonization of the surface. By stopping the growth of mould and bacteria the air conditioning system will run more efficiently, needs less maintenance and provide odour less air into the occupied space. It is available in a simple aerosol or a 1 litre concentrate.


FILTERS and COILS quickly become blocked if mould and bacteria start to colonise the surface.

COIL DEFENDER Filter Treatment

COIL DEFENDER Filter Treatment is a simple to apply aerosol spray which will stop colonisation of the filter by bacteria and mould. This colonization will block the filter and shorten its life. The product uses safe non toxic chemicals that bind permanently with the filter stands giving complete protection.