Coil Defender - Total Protection

Total Protection for Air Conditioning systems. Providing long term corrosion protection to keep your system running efficiently for years.


Thermal XR

THERMAL-XR is an Australian business partner of OzKem Pty Ltd.

COIL DEFENDER antimicrobial treatment specially designed for application on the heat exchange surfaces and metal components of air conditioning systems.

The simple application of a thin barrier stops colonization of the surface. By stopping the growth of mould and bacteria the air conditioning system will run more efficiently, needs less maintenance and provide odour less air into the occupied space.

B-Sure is a highly viscous bubbling solution developed to detect micro gas leaks. It’s NON Corrosive, NSF approved and safe on any gas.

Coil Defender Solutions

Environmentally Friendly

Coil Defender products are water-based and completely safe for use indoors and outside in air conditioning units, making them the only products of their type on the market today.

Improves System Efficiency

A clean air conditioning system, free from corrosion, reduces your electricity costs and maintenance while making your system run more efficiently. Using COIL DEFENDER cleaners and coatings not only stops corrosion and contamination, it also saves you money in lower electricity costs.

Long Term Corrosion Protection

When air conditioning systems corrode they lose efficiency and breakdown. COIL DEFENDER coatings will stop corrosion and keep your system running efficiently for years. The coating pays for itself over and over again.

Reduces Maintenance and Repairs

COIL DEFENDER cleaners, treatments and coatings not only stop corrosion but also stop the build up of slime and dirt. Having a clean system free from dirt and corrosion will reduce breakdowns and costly repairs and Reduces Maintenance and Repair Costs.

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