Coil Defender Enzyme / Passivated / Aerosol Foam Coil Cleaners /Alkaline Coil Cleaners

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Blocked coils can affect the airflow and overall efficiency of the unit.

The pictures below are examples routinely seen by air conditioning technicians

Aerosol Foaming Coil Cleaner

This deep foaming degreaser penetrates into fins and tubesdissolving grease and dirt. The foaming action quickly dissolves dried on grease and grime.

Enzyme Coil Cleaner

The cleaner is an enzyme based and targets all domestic, commercial and industrial air handling installations. The product is designed for application to cooling and heating coils “in situ” as part of mechanical plant maintenance. The cleaner strips away any existing bacteria, fungi and other contaminants. The product is non-corrosive and completely biodegradable.

This Enzyme cleaner comes in a highly concentrated form and is mixed with water on the job site. This provides an aggressive quick method of cleaning the slim and biofilm from contaminated surfaces in the air conditioning unit.


Passivated Coil Cleaner

This passivated cleaner is a highly efficient detergent designed to remove dirt, oiland contamination from heat exchange surfaces without damaging or reacting with the metal surfaces. Although the cleaner is alkaline it does not react with any metal components.

Alkaline Coil Cleaner (Coil Blast)

This NON Acid highly aggressive coil cleaner is used for moderate to heavily contaminated HVAC coils. The cleaner will brighten and deoderise the coil from the inside.

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